#128–New Camera or New Lens

Tim and Mike briefly discuss a question that is often asked, “Should I get a new camera or a new lens?” What do you think?

#127 Dan Bailey – Alaska Adventure Photography

Adventure Photographer Dan Bailey shares his technics for fending off mosquito, dealing with bears and o'yea, taking amazing photos in one of the most extreme and beautiful places on Earth, Alaska!

#126–Randy Henderson–Real Estate Photography

One of the areas where you photography can actually help someone else make money, Real Estate Photography. Randy Henderson is our guest as we discuss what it takes to be a Real Estate photography and how it can be a profitable business.

#125 – Kevin Cook – Children Photography

Among other things, Kevin is amazingly talented at children photography, and is listed as one of the top 5 Children Photographers by Fstoppers Magazine.

#124–Ron Clifford–The Arcanum

Ron Clifford shares his vast history and how he has given back through his teaching and sharing with others. His latest teachings brings him to The Arcanum, a fantastic resources for every photographer.

#123–Neil Kremer–Commercial Photography

Neil Kremer from kremerjohnson.com shares his life as a Commercial Photographer. Many photographers struggle with pricing their work, try producing an 80 page bid for every job you compete to get, that's the life of a commercial photographer.

#122–Vacation Photos & Photosmith

Co-Host Tim Kemperle shares his experiences using the Photosmith App to keep up with his images while on vacation.

#121–Andy Wheeler–Abandonscape Photography

Andy Wheeler brings abandon buildings back to life with his Abandonscape Photography and his stories and history of the sites.

#120–Rob Sylvan–Lightroom vs Adobe Bridge

Ron Sylvan, photographer, trainer, author and Lightroom expert discusses his experience about Lightroom after being on a specialist for the NAPP & Kelby Training Help Desk since Lightrom v1