#121–Andy Wheeler–Abandonscape Photography

Andy Wheeler brings abandon buildings back to life with his Abandonscape Photography and his stories and history of the sites.

#120–Rob Sylvan–Lightroom vs Adobe Bridge

Ron Sylvan, photographer, trainer, author and Lightroom expert discusses his experience about Lightroom after being on a specialist for the NAPP & Kelby Training Help Desk since Lightrom v1

#119–Lightroom 6 Wish List

Nothing official from Adobe, but some quick math says we must be getting close to a Lightroom 6 Beta. Here is what we wish is in Lightroom 6.

#118–Mimika Cooney–Branding & Marketing

Now that you have decided to turn your photography hobby into a business, how do you market it to gain new and returning clients? Mimika Cooney shares her advice on branding and marketing.

#117–Ben Hartley–Turn your photography hobby into a photography business

Discussion with Ben Hartley about taking your photography hobby and turning it into a business. Ben gives us his list of things you need before turning your photography hobby into a business

#116–Mike Wren–Photosmith

Mike Wren – Chief User Advocate, Evangelist & Workflow Geek from Photosmith walks us through their mobile iPad app for Lightroom.

#115–Mark Johnson–Editing a Composite Image

Mark Johnson walks us through a live edit as he re-creates his composite image used on the cover of Photoshop User Magazine.

#114–Gene Bowker–Train Photography

Gene Bowker discusses a new topic for jpeg2RAW, Train Photography. Gene not only shares his incredible images but also his vast knowledge of his subject, trains.

#113–Rule of Thirds

The April 2014 jpeg2RAW Photo Challenge covered the topic of “The Rule of Thirds”. Andy Bloxham comes on the show to explain the rule and review the finalist images and how they used the theme.