#144 – Host Discussions–Photo 101

Tim and Mike discuss Mike’s recent Photo 101 class he taught, plus some Lightroom 6 and more.

#143–Dark Glamour–Abe Robinson

Coming back to jpeg2RAW, Abe Robinson shares his creative vision for dark glamour portraits. Runs us through a photo shoot, working with nude models and a story or two.

#142–Stock Photography–Rob Sylvan

Stock Photography is a great way to make passive income, if you know the tricks. Rob Sylvan returns to jpeg2RAW to give his insight into the world of Stock Photography.

#141–James Connolly

European based photographer James Connolly shares his experience of becoming a photographer after starting his career as a professional poker player.

Photography Plan Giveaway

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Where is the line?

Where is the line? When has "Art" been taken too far? Can it be taken too far? A recent controversial post from a very popular photographer has raised this common question and started a firestorm online.

#140–Digital Artist–Robert Cornelius

Photoshop Guru and Digital Artist, Robert Cornelius is a great photographer, but that's just the start of the magic he brings to his images. Hours of Photoshop work and a little bit of magic later and Robert turns these images into powerful unique works of art.

#139–Photography Clubs–Ronald McCarty

Photography Clubs have been around almost as long as photography itself. While many of us only belong to virtual photo clubs on sites such as Facebook or G+, we may not belong to any physical clubs. But these clubs are still going strong. Ronald McCarty comes to jpeg2RAW to share his experiences with joining and running his Photography Club.

#138–Travel Photography–Ralph Velasco

Ralph Velasco, one of the top 100 Travel Photographers in the world, shares his images, stories of his travels and a little advice from his Mom.