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#152 – Cleaning Your Camera Sensor

Mike does something he has never done before, something he never thought he would do. Clean the sensor in his camera! CAUTION: Mike didn't follow the direction and could have damaged his sensor. Read the directions and clean at your own risk!
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#151–Backup Plan for your Images

We all know how important it to have a proper backup plan for your images. Yet, every month I hear of some photographer who has lost images and didn’t have them backed up. There really is no excuse any more to not having a proper backup plan. In this episode, Mike walks us through his process of backing up his data.
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#150–Rachel Brenke–Copyrights

We have talked about Copyrights before on the show, but this time we have an expert.  Rachel Brenke, aka “The Lawtog”, makes her SIXTH appearance on jpeg2RAW.  Rachel discusses Copyrights basics and reviews my handling of a recent copyright issue.
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  • Victoria Bampton-2

#149–Victoria Bampton–The Lightroom Queen

Victoria Bampton earned the name “Lightroom Queen” from fellow forum members because of her vast knowledge of Lightroom and her willingness to help others. Now in her very first podcast appearance, Victoria comes to jpeg2RAW to share some of this knowledge and discuss what’s new in Lightroom 6.
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  • Greg Benz (7 of 12)

#148–Greg Benz–Luminosity Masking

Luminosity masking is a great method for editing the tones within an image. Greg Benz decided to take it to another level, learned a programming language and wrote a Photoshop Extension called "Lumenzia".
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  • Don Komarechka (20 of 27)

#147 – Don Komarechka – Travels, tech and more

Don discusses his recent visit to Bulgaria, shares some of his images and talks tech with Mike & Tim.
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  • Kate Parker-57

#146–Kate Parker–Strong is the New Pretty

Atlanta photographer Kate Parker shares her amazing photo series "Strong in the New Pretty". The series features her two girls and shows how they are perfect just being themselves.
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#145 – Copyrights

Tim and Mike discuss photographer's copyrights and options when images are found to be used without the photographer's permission.
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#144 – Host Discussions–Photo 101

Tim and Mike discuss Mike’s recent Photo 101 class he taught, plus some Lightroom 6 and more.
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