• On this morning I was racing to reach a location in time for sunrise. I was dripping with sweat and my heart rate monitor was screaming at me to slow down. Just a minute before this photo was taken, I glanced over my shoulder at the horizon and realized the sun was rising now. I didn't have time to make it to my location and so needed to get my camera and tripod out immediately. To my left was this field of flowers so I grabbed my gear and dropped at their edge. There was no time to find a coherent composition, I just had to make something work. The light was stunning and I did the best I could with the time I had.

#170 – Erik Stensland

Erik Stensland is an award winning photographer and author. His photography is concentrated in the Rocky Mountain National Park which is literally in his back yard. Erik has managed to blend his love for hiking and photography into a successful business.

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  • Photo Stealers

#169 – Corey Ann – Photo Stealers

People steal photos everyday. Often for their personal use, but in many cases it's done for commercial purposes. What's even worse, is many times these photo stealers are other photographers. Well, one person is trying to do something about that, Corey Ann from Photo Stealers.

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  • claypole_264

#168 – JoAnne & Jason Marino – Wedding Photography

JoAnne & Jason are Arizona Wedding Photographers with a style that sets them apart! Each with their own skills, combine to make an awesome team of rockstar talent and creative styles.

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  • Brantley - March 19, 2016 (8 of 11)

#167 – Round table – Youth Baseball, Photo 101 and more

Hosts Tim and Mike are joined by Ron McCarty for a round table discussion for topics from youth baseball photography to beginner photography and to Ron's covering of a local disaster.

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  • Dani Diamond (25 of 67)

#166 – Dani Diamond

Dani Diamond is a Fashion, Portrait & Commercial Photographer working our of New York city. He is also a writer for Fstoppers and commands a huge social media presence. The power of his portraits can only be described as "The Dani Diamond Look".

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#165 – Pat David – Free Open Source Software (F/OSS)

Pat David introduces the wonderful world of Free Open Source Software for photography to jpeg2RAW. From GIMP to RAWTherapee, the free software options available to photographers is impressive!

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  • jpg0raw

The Jake Olson Interview

After 165 shows, I can tell you I love every single one of the guest we have had on the show so far! I love hearing from one of them when they get business after someone saw them on the show! I love hearing about their successes, a new book, travels etc.!

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Colorvale – Photographer’s Planner

Stacie Jensen from Colorvale was nice enough to donate her Photographer's Planner to jpeg2RAW! Now you get the chance to win it from us, and it's super easy to enter!

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#164 – Ron Clifford – Antarctica

Ron Clifford recently returned from a 5 week trip to Antarctica and comes back to jpeg2RAW to share his amazing adventure and incredible images. Truly a trip of a lifetime!

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