Special Guest – Back to our Roots

Hard to believe we have hit show #100.  For this show a special guest from show #1 returns, plus a couple other surprise guest.


jpeg2RAW Show #1 started with our mystery guest #1 Jenny Wilson – Stayed with the same camera, a Nikon, and started using Lightroom to edit photos.  Have a second child which has increased the activity level and I have relied on taking photos with my phone. 

Mystery Guest #2 – Ces White – Recovering from a seizure that occurred while at a clients home.  The seizure was the result of several brain tumors that have been removed.


Mystery Guest #3 – Kathleen Bowie – new baby, Kathleen is busy with a five year, three year and 3 month old boys.  After taking off two months Kathleen is back in business.  Kathleen utilized the services of another photographer, Jennifer Deming, to assist while she was out for maternity leave.  Often use Jennifer as an assistant for fun versus as going into business as partners.  FacebookPinterestTwitter


Images displayed during the podcast: