Skin Re-touching

Mike Colletta returns to jpeg2RAW to share his editing technique for skin re-touching. The technique is called “frequency separation”

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Mike Colletta

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Mike Colletta
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Here at jpeg2RAW, we have been big fans of Mike for a long time now.  Mike is not only a “master of light”, but also loves sharing his knowledge with others.  He is a freelance photographer who specializes in editorial and portraitures with amazing post processing skills.”



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  • a master of lighting…has shown members how to work with photos on the Facebook group and will now show us on the show

    Topic: Retouching in general, while not an expert I can explain what shouldn’t be done.

    Common mistakes

    • Global adjustments, adjustments to the whole picture versus local areas

    • Excessive use of Actions / Sliders – able to dial it back but most often the results are not consistent

    Some images may take 20 minutes to hours, if this isn’t in your budget you will need to reconsider how much editing you will do.  Need to evaluate the shoot and the edit into the cost of the photo being developed.


    • If you are going to edit consider purchasing a Wacom tablet. 

    In Photoshop use “Smart Objects”

    Editing a photo live on the show and reviewing before/after results.



Images displayed during the show:



Mike Colletta