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Now that you have decided to turn your photography hobby into a business, how do you market it to gain new and returning clients? Mimika Cooney shares her advice on branding and marketing.

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Mimika Cooney

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Mimika Cooney
Mimika Cooney
Mimika (pronounced Mim-ee-kah like paprika) South African born (half Greek half English) photographic artist, author, photographer, business maniac. What my family say: romantic, sentimental, caring, creative, animated, fun loving, loyal, honest, grounded. I LOVE the Lord, He is my air. My family are my life (3 beautiful kids and a stud muffin for a hubby). I’m fiercely loyal, I’m very sentimental, I cry at movies. I love to dance and figure skate, I LOVE reading and I’m a lifelong learner. I LOVE milk chocolate. I LOVE to lie in (I’m not a mornings person). I’m a home body, you’ll find me cuddled on the sofa watching the telly in my gown and slippers. I talk FAST. I think at 1000 miles an hour – ask my hubby my endless ideas drive him nuts. My kids think I’m a clown – I’m the cool mom on the block. I can poke fun at myself, I love making people laugh. I’m a sentimental romantic, I have to immortalize every moment with my camera.



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When you do photography as a business you need to produce results, pay the bills, etc. 

  • Can’t rely on passion…that will burn you out. 

  • If you are going to charge money for your product you need to take it serious.   

  • If you charge rock bottom prices you get the wrong clients and it is very difficult raise your prices in the future


  • Running a business for 2 years “Celtic Serenity Photography”, now wants to go to a LLC or sole proprietorship, should I change my name.

    • If you are the only photography you should change

    • Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years

    • Really need to take great care in picking a name

    • Who is your market…aiming your business at.  Should be designed around you

Keeping clients versus referring clients – depends on where you are in your photography and how comfortable you are in taking shots.  If your client wants to take Boudoir photos and you don’t know what you are doing you maybe better off referring.  However, at the sametime you want to hold onto your clients because it costs a lot more to obtain a new client versus getting new clients.

Paper flyers door-to-door – Absolutely not something you should do…you are an artistic photographer.  Placing flyers appears cheap.  Consider what you do with these flyers, be it at your door or windshield of your car…most just toss in the trash.

Being a photographer is based on relationships – need to spend time with the client before you can anticipate they will spend their money on you service.  Find someone (a local business) that you can team up with that can help build up your exposure.

How much should be given to cultivate a relationship – Need to have limitations and boundaries.  Need to say “I would love to work with you and my services usually cost X, however, I would like to provide this to you as a gift to get to know each other.”



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