Lightroom 6 Wish List

Nothing official from Adobe, but some quick math says we must be getting close to a Lightroom 6 Beta. Here is what we wish is in Lightroom 6.

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While we have not seen anything official from Adobe just yet, some simple math indicates we are not far off from a beta version of Lightroom 6.


Lightroom VersionBeta Release DateFinal Release DateRelease to next beta
v1.0None that we could findFebruary 2007N/A
v2.0April 2008July 200814 months
v3.0October 2009 & March 2010June 201015 months
v4.0January 2012March 201219 months
v5.0April 2013June 201313 months
v6.0September 2014 estDecember 2014 est15 months


As you can see, the release to next version beta is fairly consistent, fluncation between 13 and 19 months.  If we use an average of 15 months, then the next beta should out around September.  One thing that does give me pause is the math results in a December release, something we have not seen Adobe do with Lightroom so far.  This could point to a beta later in the year, say November and a final release in February or March of 2015.

Regardless of the beta or final release dates, we all have our wish list of what we hope is included in the next version.  Here are mine:

  • Improved performance – GPU assistance?
  • Better network support – allow network users to share catalogs
  • Add a loupe feature like the one in Bridge
  • Improved gamut clipping warnings and the ability to edit in other color profiles
  • Radial filter in different shapes
  • Ability to add keyboard shortcuts to presets
  • HSL adjustments in the adjustments brush and the radial filter

What is your wish list?  Come join us in the forums and share your thoughts.