Abe Robinson – Dark Glamour

Coming back to jpeg2RAW, Abe Robinson shares his creative vision for dark glamour portraits. Runs us through a photo shoot, working with nude models and a story or two.

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Abe Robinson

(from Abe’s website – go here for more info.

Abe Robinson
Abe RobinsonDark Glamour
Abe has been called “The Godfather of Dark Glamour” and the “Light Ninja” and when you see his images it’s obvious why. His images can push the viewer’s limits, but also draws you in wanting for more.

Abe describes his work as Conceptual Dark Glamour, but he also loves to shot macro shots, including delicate flowers which really shows off the wide diversity in his work.

18 Years as a photographer
• A wide variety of styles from Conceptual to Commercial
• internationally published in 3 country’s
• Countless USA publications (including: Revolver magazine, Nocturne Magazine, and Savage Beauty)

Show Notes:

  • Intro Questions:

    • Update since last show?

      • Two music video’s and producing

    • Update us on your health issues?

      • Had several heart attacks and spent a lot of time in the hospital.  Went from working 90+ hours per week to zero. 

      • Currently have surgery schedule for April 20th

    • How has this impacted you going forward?

      • Difficult to perform normal tasks and need help to do just about everything

    • For someone like you, a photographer, who depends on the business, how do you deal with things when you can’t work?

      • Still have studio bills, home bills etc.  Any outside debt does not go away and you need to deal with it.  As an artist it is difficult because at times you earn a lot and then the next month absolutely nothing. 

      • Now it is all about preplanning to ensure money is set aside for the future

      • Staying positive

  • Dark Glamour:

    • There seems to be sensual overtone to many of the images

      • Sex motivates and sells. ..basis of human nature

    • How do you find the models for the shoots?

      • Depends on the project.  Tend to work with non-models or first time models.  Have a list of people that like the work and volunteer.  Majority of the photos viewed are hired shoots. 

    • Is it uncomfortable to photograph people in the nude?

      • Have been around this my whole life…once you get over the fact of a naked person it becomes as easy to shoot. 

      • Must follow specific rules, don’t touch the model without asking, preferably have a female assistant with you

      • Ask with a “directing tone”

      • Get to know your clients before the shoot starts

    • Why the video and video editing for your BTS stuff?

      • It is easier to learn by watching the BTS video.  See how the photographer interacts with the people on the set.

      • Learned from another BTS video the use of breakfast at location

    • If you could only shoot one subject…what would it be?

      • Insects / Macro

    • Outside scenes, are these in private locations?  If not, ever have anyone come by and ask what’s going on?

      • Travel light and of the beaten path…this doesn’t attract attention.  The photo of the Grim Reaper was shot with one light.  Fog machine was also utilized.

    • Some photos are elaborate.  What is the longest shoot?

      • 8 hours…generally the longer the makeup session the shooter the shoot. 

      • Grim Reaper – costume is custom built. 

    • Is the “gritty” surrealistic look to your photos in camera, or in post?

      • Dr. Dreadful shot was Photoshop…one layer with opacity.

    • Software –

      • dabbled with Photoshop while sick but mainly Lightroom

    • Inspiration – what are some of the things that inspire you that are totally unexpected?

      • Even though dark and gloomy guy I will shoot anything.

    • Favorite prop?

      • Piercings

    • What’s the biggest misconception people have about Dark Glamour?

      • That I am a deviant pervert!  Artwork is subjective and this is a blend of my favorite things. 

    • Do you think shows like “The Walking Dead” have help bring more people into the world of Dark Glamour?

      • Received more Zombie inquiries…however, not a lot of money

      • Twilight brought a lot of business, you need a glamour photographer

      • Appreciate when a client comes with a general idea that i can expand upon.  Talking to the client about their likes helps to have a proper shoot for the their portfolio

    • What’s the wildest story you can tell, and keep it PG-13?

      • Nothing PG-13

      • Yelled at by a lawyer at a photo-shoot

        • Got a permit to close down a street in Cleveland and the city gave the permit.  The area is relatively dead.  An attorney from a building started screaming because of the shutdown street and wanted a representative from the City.  The attorney yelled at the rep, however, the city rep stated that Abe had a permit…then proceeded to ask if the attorney had a permit for a sign on his building…ultimately the attorney received a citation for not having a permit.

    • Do you have a favorite image or shoot?

      • Vary depending on my mood…really the next shoot is my favorite.  Shoot and love something but want to make it better…the next time.

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