Blake Rudis – The Zone Edit System

Blake Rudis from shares his Ansel Adams inspired Zone Editing system.  The Zone System breaks the image into 11 “zone” layers for easy manipulation.

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Blake Rudis

(from Blakes’s website – go here for more info.)

Blake Rudis
Blake RudisPhotographer & Photographer Instructor
Blake has been into art his entire life, not necessarily Photography, but art in general. He received his Bachelor’s in Fine Art with a concentration in Printmaking from the University of Delaware in 2006. He had a love for Sculpture, but did not have quite enough credits to make it a declared minor. He loved every aspect of art at the University except Photography. In college Blake despised the attitudes of photographers, they always made snide remarks like, “Why do I need to draw or make these stupid prints, I am a Photographer?” or “What does sculpture have to do with Photography?”

Shortly after graduating Blake moved to California to pursue a full time position. He strongly pursued painting upon his arrival. He leased a painting studio in an old canning factory in San Jose. He created over 43 paintings in one year, but after an epic failure at a horrible gallery Blake got discouraged. He needed a new artistic venture.
Despite his bitter resentment toward photographers, Blake picked up his first DSLR. He could not stop photographing the California coast. This went on for a few years, until once again; Blake became discouraged with yet another art form. He couldn’t get his images to appear exactly as he saw them. No matter how hard he post processed them they just did not do the California coast the justice it deserved.

Show Notes:

  • Interview:

    • Are you a full time photographer?

      • Photography education full time…everything done is through education.  Started working for myself April 30, 2014…office is in my home.

      • Started blogging for four years before any money started coming in

      • Don’t give up on yourself…especially if you want it bad enough

    • How did you get into working with Topaz Labs

      • Working with Topaz Labs and should be shooting the 17th or 18th Webinar episode next week “Topaz and the Zone System Workflow!”

    • What type of photography do you enjoy?

    • Tell us about EverydayHDR?

      • Discount Code: “jpeg2raw” for 15% off till Sept 18, 2015

      • YouTube videos free to view

    • What is Zone-Edit?

For the remainder of the show, Blake gave us a walk through of his Zone Editing System.

Images displayed during the show:

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