Karen Hutton

Karen Hutton is a person of many talents.  From being a voice over professional, an actor, horse riding instructor and figure skater and o yea, a photographer.  But maybe the most impressive thing is how she blends all these talents together.

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Karen Hutton

(from Karen’s website – go here for his write-up.

Karen Hutton
Karen HuttonPhotographer, Light-Bender, Purveyor of Awesomeness
Karen Hutton is a professional light bender and storyteller. That’s shorthand for her style of fine art landscape photography, and the fact that she’s also a voiceover artist, online show host, writer, speaker and teacher. She has over 2 million followers on social media; with over 10 billion views of her photographic work. She is a partner with Fujifilm and her photography has been featured at Google and on Stuck in Customs, TWiP, Macphun Software, Forbes.com, The Grid, Rick Sammon’s DPE Podcast. Karen lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. You can find her at Karenhutton.com.

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  • Intro Questions:

    • Tell us about your journey up to now?

      • Grew up around cameras, family came from Norway, photos were always in my life.  While in junior college decided to become a professional camera.  Needed to leave photography because of developing agents.  Switched to many other activities, acting, figure skating, voice overs…and photographs…storytelling way. 

      • Life changing events

        • “Saw the Light” – Had visions while I was a child…nothing scary.  Around at 8-0 years old; vision of self on a stage and huge column of light came down through my head and out of mouth and body…the people I saw were healed.  Became a guiding force in my life. 

        • Implant that didn’t go well

    • When did you make the move to digital?

      • Once digital came in I came back hard into photography…started with an Olympus.  First real camera Sony!!!  First dSLR was a Canon T1i


  • Interview

    • When you travel to a location, are you already visualizing a scene or do you develop it after arriving at the scene?

      • Isn’t always a story.  Sometimes I am terrified because a shot had been taken so many times…the process involves stepping out from behind the camera and getting immersed in the scene.  Let the experience begin to happen…sometimes i get a feeling in my gut, sometimes in my heard or even something from a movie I have saw…such as the colors.  Occasionally at the time of the shot I will have the vision. Don’t always know what I expect to see.

      • There are days where I shoot and end up with nothing

      • I know now that photography is light and that is my purpose

    • Gear?

      • Fuji, switched from Canon, open eyes to creative ways

        • No need for HDR…camera has a great dynamic range

      • Go to lens 16-55

      • 55-200 Telephoto

      • 10-24 sometimes

    • How do you edit and how much is that part of the process?  (Lightroom or Photoshop)

      • Do not use Lightroom, doesn’t work for me

      • Use Photoshop with lots of Plugins

        • Use a lot of layers

        • On1Filters

      • Use Aurora HDR

    • Do you come upon a scene and realize the lighting or something else isn’t correct and come back?

      • Yes, but sometimes you may not be able and need to work with what you have.

    • Where did you get the skills to edit the photographs in Photoshop?

      • Huge believer in cross training…don’t just look at photography

        • 1st part is Acting…the 4td Wall…the audience.  Never break this wall…need to build the fantasy land to allow the audience to go with you…if you lose this you lose the audience

        • 2nd part – need to know what I wanted it to look like and that what was needed to convey it.  Then learn how to do it…On1 or Nik software with free training.  Invariably these trainings would talk about Photoshop.

      • Need to stay in the Kindergarten mode…don’t know how to do it and want to learn new processes

    • How long / difficult is it for you now to edit a photograph?

      • It has been getting easier…kind of like building a layer cake.  If you don’t do the steps correctly it falls / slides apart:

        • Camera; get what I am looking for first

        • Cleanup what needs to be cleaned up…get a good base image

    • What has been your experience with The Arcanum?  With so many training options, who does the The Arcanum fit well?

      • Was one of the original six inception managers

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