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jpeg2RAW Podcast

jpeg2RAW Podcast is a photography podcast created to help photographers of various skill levels improve their photography knowledge and enjoy this amazing craft.    We cover topics that are of interest to the photographer just getting started and those a little more advanced.  While we may cover many different topics and have professional photographers as guest from time to time on the show, we always try and keep photographers like Jenny & Kristen in mind (listen to Show #1 and you will know what I mean).  The show is broadcast LIVE most Tuesday at 8:30pm EST.

We hope to share our knowledge and that of our guest with others through the show and the site, plus Mike just likes talking about photography with anyone that will listen to him.

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Where to get the Podcast:

Audio Podcast Feed – http://feeds.feedburner.com/jpeg2RAWPodcast

Video Large Podcast Feed (recommended) – http://feeds.feedburner.com/jpeg2raw-large-video

Video Small Podcast Feed – http://feeds.feedburner.com/jpeg2raw-small-video

iTunes Feed (Audio) – itpc://feeds.feedburner.com/jpeg2RAWPodcast

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The jpeg2RAW Logo

The logo used by jpeg2RAW was created by our friend and fan of the show, Mirjan Cubric.  Big thanks to Mirjan for creating this and letting us use it for the podcast.  You can visit Mirjan’s website over at: