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Mike Howard is the creator, producer and host of the jpeg2RAW Photography Podcast. To Mike photography is a hobby, a passion and never something he wants to feel like "work".Through the podcasts, social groups and forums, Mike wants share his knowledge of photography with others while at the same time learning new things from them!

#215 – To DNG or not to DNG?

Should you convert to DNG when importing to Lightroom? How about using DNG compression in Lightroom? Using your phone's screen to create reflection effects and of course some Cat photo tips!

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#214 – Fun with Toys

Camera melted during rocket launch, Eagle vs Fox, Lego Kit used by Photographer as Promo and a Photographer who photographs toys in "action".

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#27- Photo Review Show – March 2018 Photo Contest Images – Part 2

Photo reviews from A.D Wheeler and Mike. In this episode we continue the review of images submitted to the jpeg2RAW March 2018 Photo Contests.

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