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Mike Howard is the creator, producer and host of the jpeg2RAW Photography Podcast. To Mike photography is a hobby, a passion and never something he wants to feel like "work". Through the podcasts, social groups and forums, Mike wants share his knowledge of photography with others while at the same time learning new things from them!

#231 – Upgrade or get sued!

Adobe sends out message to some users saying you risk getting sued if you don't update your software. Is Adobe testing price increases for the Creative Cloud?

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#230 – It’s a Black Hole

Mike's iStock issue, a fly inside a Canon lens and everything above ISO 1600 is the same? Plus new updates from Skylum and images of a Black Hole.

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#229 – You’re holding it wrong

Filters that go inside the camera, a mom who takes photos of her own child birth and you're holding your camera wrong! Plus an update on Mike's signing up with the Great Escape company.

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#228 – Details Enhanced?

New Nikon firmware adds compatibility for the new CFexpress cards for some models, Photography takes 50,000 photos of the moon to create 1 81MP image, Astronaut takes racetrack photos from space, Nvidia creates super realistic faces of fake people and Adobe adds a new Enhance Details to Lightroom.

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#44 – Photo Review – December 2018 Photo Contest Images (Part 1)

Photo reviews from A.D Wheeler and Mike. In this episode we review of images submitted to the jpeg2RAW December 2018 Photo Contests - Part 1.

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