#229 – You’re holding it wrong

Filters that go inside the camera, a mom who takes photos of her own child birth and you're holding your camera wrong! Plus an update on Mike's signing up with the Great Escape company.

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#228 – Details Enhanced?

New Nikon firmware adds compatibility for the new CFexpress cards for some models, Photography takes 50,000 photos of the moon to create 1 81MP image, Astronaut takes racetrack photos from space, Nvidia creates super realistic faces of fake people and Adobe adds a new Enhance Details to Lightroom.

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#44 – Photo Review – December 2018 Photo Contest Images (Part 1)

Photo reviews from A.D Wheeler and Mike. In this episode we review of images submitted to the jpeg2RAW December 2018 Photo Contests - Part 1.

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#227 – Photographers Wanted

Photographers wanted! Did you get the email? 2500 Still images made into a short film and camera that can see around corners. Plus Topaz Labs comes out with a new product called jpeg To Raw. What the heck?

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#226 – Become an Expert?

Beattlecam for remote photographing of wildlife, laser destroys camera and the increasing weight of camera lenses. Plus, do you want to become a photography expert in 30 hours? Well we have the link for you, maybe.

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