#229 – You’re holding it wrong

Filters that go inside the camera, a mom who takes photos of her own child birth and you're holding your camera wrong! Plus an update on Mike's signing up with the Great Escape company.

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#228 – Details Enhanced?

New Nikon firmware adds compatibility for the new CFexpress cards for some models, Photography takes 50,000 photos of the moon to create 1 81MP image, Astronaut takes racetrack photos from space, Nvidia creates super realistic faces of fake people and Adobe adds a new Enhance Details to Lightroom.

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#227 – Photographers Wanted

Photographers wanted! Did you get the email? 2500 Still images made into a short film and camera that can see around corners. Plus Topaz Labs comes out with a new product called jpeg To Raw. What the heck?

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#226 – Become an Expert?

Beattlecam for remote photographing of wildlife, laser destroys camera and the increasing weight of camera lenses. Plus, do you want to become a photography expert in 30 hours? Well we have the link for you, maybe.

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#225 – Photography Gift Ideas – a little late

Tim and Mike discuss recent photography news and go over there photograph gift ideas. Loupedeck now works with Photoshop.  Mike shares his ideas for low priced, mid-priced and higher priced gift ideas for photographers.

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#224 – Nikon in Space

UPS doesn't deliver to space so getting your Nikon gear there isn't going to be cheap. Man sues Adobe over bug he claims deleted his work. Plus we discuss the recent changes over at flickr.

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