#225 – Photography Gift Ideas – a little late

Tim and Mike discuss recent photography news and go over there photograph gift ideas. Loupedeck now works with Photoshop.  Mike shares his ideas for low priced, mid-priced and higher priced gift ideas for photographers.

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#224 – Nikon in Space

UPS doesn't deliver to space so getting your Nikon gear there isn't going to be cheap. Man sues Adobe over bug he claims deleted his work. Plus we discuss the recent changes over at flickr.

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#223 – Lens made from Ice

Photographer Mathieu Stern makes a lens from Ice while in Iceland. Photographer Mathew Dippel captures unexpected image of couple's engagement while in Yosemite. Plus we give you some tips to improve your Fish photography. Yep, fish photography.

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#222 – Tips for beginner photographers

7 tips for beginner photographers, Mike demo's replacing the viewfinder on his Nikon D500 and a MASSIVE spider web. Plus, we discuss several tools to help speed your photo editing (TourBox, StreamDeck and Loupedeck).

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#221 – 10 Tips for better indoor sports photos

10 tips for shooting better indoor sports photos, plus Fall foliage tips and a new tripod design called Lumapod.

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#220 – Use the Force

Awesome images from photographer Wire Hon who uses forced perspective to create scenes featuring him and some super heroes. Mini review of the Think Tank Airport Essentials and Airport Accelerator camera backpacks.

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