Podcast Guest – Preparation Guide

In order to help guest coming on the podcast prepare for their appearance, make the experience as enjoyable as possible and ensure a quality podcast, we have prepared the following guide.

Basic items you will need:

  • Decent webcam – webcam’s built into a laptop generally are not of the best quality.  
  • Headset with mic is prefered.  The mic in your webcam or built into your laptop is not of the best quality and will pick up a lot of ambient noise.  Even with a headset mic, you will want a relatively quiet location.
  • We generally use Skype for the podcast, make sure your are running the latest version to reduce the potential issues.
  • Adequate internet connection, with a hardwired connection if possible.
  • Look for a Skype connection request from the podcast
  • DECENT LIGHT.  Almost all webcams are horrible in low light.  Having decent amount and quality of light is very important for good video.

Show Prep:

  • Things to do a few days before your appearance:
    • Pre-show interview?  If you would like to have a pre-show interview with the host, it should be scheduled no less than 3 days before the show.  The pre-show interview can be used to help answer any questions you might have and allow us to perform an audio/video check, plus go over a few items related to your appearance on the show.
    • If you have specific photos you want as part of the show, please send the host the links or the actual images (size should be at least 1920px on the long end) prior to show day.
  • Things to do 1 hour before the show:
    • Reboot your computer and keep the number of programs you open to the minimum needed for the podcast.  Rebooting helps the computer be at it’s peak performance.
    • Check that no internet bandwidth task are going on anywhere on your network that may impact your ability to send quality video and audio.  For example, is anyone watching Netflix, uploading large files?  Is Crashplan or some other online backup program running?  These things may use up so much bandwidth you can’t properly transmit video or even audio.
    • Reduce the noise in your location.

Show Time:

  • Timing:
    • Show starts at 8:30pm Eastern, 7:30pm Central
    • Be ready for host to call about 20 minutes before the show starts, via Skype
  • Things to do while on the show:
    • Don’t touch your mic unless you are muted.
    • You are the guest and we want to hear from you, so feel free to expand upon the topic being discussed.
    • The hour will go by MUCH faster than you think and it is very likely we will not have time to cover everything we wanted to talk about.  That’s OK, it gives us a reason to invite you back!
    • HAVE FUN!!
  • Things to do after the show:
    • Show is usually posted a few days after the live event.  Once published, host will make an announcement letting everyone know it is now available.
    • So that the show, and your specific appearance, gets viewed as much as possible, please consider posting in your social circles to inform people of your appearance.


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