How to enter Photo Contest in Facebook Group

From time to time, I get asked “How do I enter the jpeg2RAW Monthly Photo Contest?” or “What is the theme of this month’s contest?”. Hopefully this post will help answer those questions.

There are 2 ways to enter the contest. Through our website (Monthly Photo Contest) and through the Facebook group. This post explains how to enter our Facebook Photo Contest.

Find the Pinned Post

This screen shot is of the jpeg2RAW Facebook Group. In the Red circle, you can see the “Pinned Post” name and then directly below that is the post.

Example of pinned post. This is where you can find the monthly photo contest or challenge.

Mobile view of Pinned Post

This is the mobile view of the Facebook Group. Note that the Pinned post is closed and you need to click on the “View Pinned Post” link to reveal it.

Mobile view of the Facebook Group. Note that the Pinned post is closed and you need to click on the “View Pinned Post” link to reveal it.

Closer look at the Contest Post

Let’s take a closer look at the Contest Post.

There are 3 main things to note about the post, other than the images of course.

  1. This is the link to the Contest Album. Click here to go to the next screen where you can upload your image.
  2. This is the Theme of the Contest. In this case, it was “Best of 2016”, which was the best image you took in 2016.
  3. Link to the contest rules.

The Contest Album

After you click on the Contest Album link (#1 above), you will see a screen like this one.

Note the 3 numbered items on the image:
  1. Theme of the Contest
  2. Contest Rules link
  3. Click the “Add Photos” link to add your image.

Add your image

To add your image, click the Add Photos link (#3 on the image) and you will see a screen asking you to upload your image. Find the image you want to add (should be no less than 2048px on the long end) and upload it.

Contest Album. This is where you add your image.

Adding your image – part 2

This is where you add some information about your image. You can include the technical info, which can be very helpful to others, but also remember to include something about why you took the image, what it means to you and/or what you where trying to achieve with the image.

Add the information about your image.

Replacing your image

Ok, so now you have your image posted and you decide that you want to replace it with another image. Click the link to go back into the album, find your image and then click the little pencil icon in the upper right of the image. A dropdown menu will appear (see example image), click on the “Remove This Photo” link to remove your image.

To remove your image so you can enter a different image, click on the “Remove This Photo” link.

We run a monthly photo contest in two of our Facebook Group.  Click a button below to join a group.