How to leave a comment on iTunes

Looking to leave us a nice review on iTunes?  🙂  Well here is a short article I hope helps.

Note:  You iTunes will need to be installed on your system in order to leave a review.


3-30-2012 3-30-37 PM

First, open iTunes.  Then, go to the iTunes store as shown in the image above.


3-30-2012 3-14-54 PM

Then search for “jpeg2RAW podcast” by using the search box in the upper right hand corner of iTunes ( or use the direct links below).


3-30-2012 3-15-05 PM


This should give you several podcast.  Three of them are the different feeds for the jpeg2RAW podcast.  The first should be the audio feed for the show and the other two are the video large and video small feeds.  While you can leave a comment on any of the three, by consolidating the comments into one feed the show is helped in it’s iTunes ranking.  Of course, if you want to leave a comment in all three, go right ahead, that will help us even more.

The other podcast listed are podcast I have appeared on as a guest.  The Average Guy Podcast is one where I am a regular guest, appearing once a month or so.  If you know anyone into Tech, these are some good podcast to follow.


3-30-2012 3-16-29 PM

Once you click on the audio feed of the podcast, you will see a screen like the one above (if you clicked on a  video feed it will have a black background).  You need to scroll down to get to the comment area.


3-30-2012 3-17-32 PM

When you scroll down, you should see the other comments people have left and a link that says “Write a Review >”.  Click this to leave a comment (you may be asked to log into your Apple account).


That’s it!  Let me know if you have any problems.


Direct links – WILL OPEN iTUNES, if you have it installed

Direct link to the audio feed from iTunes – itpc://

Direct link to the video large feed from iTunes – itpc://

Direct link to the video small feed from iTunes – itpc://