#221 – 10 Tips for better indoor sports photos

10 tips for shooting better indoor sports photos, plus Fall foliage tips and a new tripod design called Lumapod.

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#220 – Use the Force

Awesome images from photographer Wire Hon who uses forced perspective to create scenes featuring him and some super heroes. Mini review of the Think Tank Airport Essentials and Airport Accelerator camera backpacks.

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#34- Photo Review Show – June 2018 Photo Contest Images – Part 3 of 3

Photo reviews from A.D Wheeler and Mike. In this episode we continue the review of images submitted to the jpeg2RAW June 2018 Photo Contests, part 3 of 3.

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#219 – Nikon Announces their Mirrorless Cameras

Nikon finally makes their mirrorless camera announcements with 2 cameras. Should you switch to mirrorless? Are the new cameras enough to keep you switching from Nikon to Sony? What about the $600 50mm f1.8 lens?

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