jpeg2RAW Beginners Group Photo Contest Submission

jpeg2RAW Beginners Photo Challenge Submission - New

  • June 2019
    Theme - Open

    Submit your favorite image taken during June 2019

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  • What does the image mean to you? Why did you take it? Why did you chose the composition? Why did you edit it this way? These are some of things you might want to share to help when the image is reviewedd.
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    By clicking above, you agree to allow jpeg2RAW to use your image to promote the podcast and to post the image to our various social media outlets. You also agree that this image will be submitted to the current month's photo challenge and that you are the copyright holder of this image. You also agree that you have read all the photo challenge rules and this submission is not in violation of any rules.
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Having issues with the file uploader? E-mail us at [email protected] and we can set up a limited time shared Dropbox folder as an alternative or you can just email us the file directly.


The rules for the Monthly Photo Contest: