How to create a custom Lightroom Identity Plate

Quick tip on how setup a Custom Lightroom Identity Plate.  Changing the ID plate only takes a few minutes and is one way to personalize Lightroom.

If you haven’t changed your ID plate yet, it should look something like the one below.


Custom Lightroom Identity Plate

This is the ID plate on the top left of the program and on the top right the module list can be found:

Custom Lightroom Identity Plate

But these are too plain, let’s change them up a bit.  First, go to the “Edit” menu on a PC and select “Identity Plate Setup”.

Custom Lightroom Identity Plate


You should then see a box like the one below:

Lightroom ID Plate-5

Note the check box “Enable Identity Plate”.  You need to check this box in order to use the custom settings.


Lightroom ID Plate-3

I created the above image (the one with the graphic on the right and the jpeg2raw letters in white) in Photoshop as a PNG file.  You want to use PNG so you can have a transparent background.  So I could se what I was writing, I first typed the letters in black so I could see them and then once it was like I wanted, I changed the color to white so it would appear correctly in Lightroom.

You may want to play around with the demissions of the file, but for the example used in this article, I used 55×500.  You can go even wider if you want (depending on your screen size), but you can’t go much taller.


Lightroom ID Plate-6

And here is the finished result.  Like mentioned before, you can have a different one for each catalog.