Host Mike Howard and Tim Kemperle are joined for Show #13 by Rachel Brenke of Rachel Brenke Photography.  After a bit of news, we start the show off with a great article Rachel wrote about why you should shot RAW.  Then we discuss the start of her journey and some difficult feedback she received from another photographer (ask her about “plastic baby”), who by the way, is now a good friend.  But that wasn’t always the case, watch the show to learn more.



We had a couple of news stories for Show #13.

    • As a follow-up to last week’s news on Adobe’s Deblur software, jpeg2RAW learned that the photograph used in the demo was originally a normal image that Adobe firs blurred and then used the Deblur tool on.  Read the article over on for more information.
    • Rumors of a new Nikon D800 which will be anywhere from 24mp to 36mp and a potential replacement of the D700.  Follow the two links below for more information.

  • Last piece of news really isn’t news but rather a correction.  Back in show #4, I learned about Blue Hour for the first time.  During the discussion, I may have said Blue Hour must be another term for Golden Hour, which it most definitely is not.  In very general terms, Blue Hour is the time before Sunrise and after Sunset.  Golden Hour is the time after Sunrise and before Sunset.  While the term “Hour” is included in the name, it doesn’t always last an hour.  Check out this website to get the Blue & Golden Hour times for your location.



Instead of tips this week, we had an extended show.  Rachel was nice enough to stay on the show for an extended Q&A after the main show.  Thank you Rachel for all the great information!