Host Mike Howard and Tim Kemperle are joined for Show #14 by Ali Elhajj.  Ali shots among other things, tons of HDR (High Dynamic Range) images and is very active on Google+, including hosting his own podcast through a Google+ Hangout.  After the news, we begin a discussion of Google+ and how it is beneficial to photographers.  We also discuss how it compares to Facebook and how each can be used by photographers.   After the Google+ discussion, we get into the main topic, HDR.  Ali had lots of images to display and plenty of tips.



We had a one news stories for Show #14.

    • Terrible news out of Thailand.  They have suffered from incredible flooding and in addition to personal devastation to the people in Thailand, there is also tons of factories from various hard drive makes to Nikon, Canon and Sony.  This flooding is going to impact photographers in multiple ways.  Head over here  and here to read more.



Ali has a great article on his website with a nice list of tips for taking HDR images.  So for this show, the tips all come from that article.  Head on over to his website to study his tutorial.