Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle & Kathleen Bowie  interview the fun, happy couple of Ryan & Denise, an amazing husband and wife team specializing in wedding photography.  As they say on their website; “To put it simply, we’re just a happy couple that loves photographing other happy couples.”

After a bit of technical difficulties, which really is part of the process when doing internet based podcast, we got the show rolling and had a great time.  Hope you enjoy the show.




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Ryan & Denise:

  • How & when did you guys meet?
    • In high school, dated a little, broke up during the college years and then proposed seven years later.
  • Where you both already into photography?
    • Going on honeymoon (London / Paris) got us involved in photography…using a little Point & Shoot at the time
    • Now looking back at our wedding photographs we are very disappointed, however, we now know how we want to be as wedding photographers
  • Props to carry:
    • Safety Pins
    • Towels
    • Fans (Arizona Heat)
  • How do you keep shooting a wedding fun?
    • We are having fun…some stressful moments but you need to remember what the day is about and what you are preserving for the couple getting married.
    • We want the potential client to see the emotion that comes through the photographs
  • Who’s the better photographer?
    • Not possible to define…working as a team we have our own parts that are important to the photo shoot
  • What can be done better?
    • Denise – always things you can improve upon…getting more of the scene and the environment (venue) versus just the people close up
    • Ryan – Getting more of what other people are seeing
  • Who handles the business side (ie, accounting, etc)?
    • Share equally…each has different jobs that we both handle.
  • Website – Showit, WordPress
  • What happens after the wedding?
    • Usually spend several hours going through the pictures taken…each of us know what we took and want to see the photographs the other takes.  Take around 600-800 photographs at a wedding.
    • Need to focus on what we do well…photos are sent to Shootdotedit for post processing.  Send the RAW file and sent back is the Lightroom XMP which is put into Lightroom
  • Nikon D300 / D700 and will be getting the D800 to replace the D300
    • Really like Primes
    • 50
    • 105 Macro
    • 28
    • 70-200 (Ryan likes to shoot with this lens
  • Price Page
    • No one wants to think about the price but when you can show visuals it helps ease the mind of the client
  • Tell us about “First Look
    • Favorite part of the day…get to stand with the groom prior to seeing the bride
      • Ryan gets the groom’s reaction
      • Denise gets the brides reaction
  • Albums
    • Kiss – quality is great, customer service and turn around time is great
  • Equipment
    • Off Camera Flash – Used to a minimum when lighting is required…just ordered a softbox
    • Reflectors – Used most of the time…an assistant will hold the reflector
  • Do you dance at the weddings?
    • Usually have the camera in our hands and dance and at times the bride/groom will drag us out to dance together
  • Do you have assistants?
    • One assistant
    • Posted on Facebook for someone that would like to come to a wedding to be an assistant…received many responses
  • How far in advance do you book?  What happens if one gets sick
    • Used to be a year in advance…now it is down to 4-5 months.
    • We don’t get sick…you need to push yourself but we do have a network of other photographers we could call upon to help out if needed.
  • How many weddings do you like?
    • One per week except during the summer when it is too hot
  • Other jobs:
    • Ryan – Photographer is full time job
    • Denise – Has another job which provides excellent health insurance
  • Are you shooting at the same apertures
    • 2 to 2.8
    • Don’t like shooting wide open…like to have a little more in focus
  • Tips for getting people in focus?
    • Don’t too close…the closer you are the more Depth of Field is affected
    • Keep subject on the same plane (distance to camera)
  • Does the groom normally see the bride in the dress before the wedding?
  • How much direction do you give people?  Do you stage each shot?
    • We will talk with the couple but don’t give staged shoots…we want them to be comfortable.
    • We let them know that there is lots of stress and they should act naturally and the love will show through


  • Do you do video at the weddings?
    • No, leave the to videographer
  • Do you give DC/DVD’s
    • We use Pass
    • Yes, the pictures are put of the cloud and they can download for Facebook or make a copy.
    • There is also an App for the iPad
    • Hi-Res pictures…we don’t make the money on prints
  • Can pictures be printed through Pass
    • Pictures can be printed wherever they want.
    • We do suggest they print through BayPhoto through Smugmug
  • How do you advertise?
    • Christmas Cards
    • If phone isn’t ringing stay in touch with past clients
  • Do you want to do other types of photography
    • Only for brides we will do maternity but we really only want to focus on couples




Ryan & Denise