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Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle & Kathleen Bowie interview jpeg2RAW’s first Wildlife Photographer – Buck Shreck.  In addition to sharing his wonderful Alaska wildlife photos with us, Buck also shared some amazing and scary stories.  Be sure to watch/ listen.


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One of Buck’s favorites.


Buck ShreckWildlife Photography Website

  • Started photography around 26 years ago, 500,000+ images over his career.
  • Started as a photojournalist in Vietnam for Stars and Stripes, Combat Photography.  Master Gunnery Sergeant handed me a camera and said start taking pictures…really enjoyed…came back to the states for leave with Camera equipment which was promptly stolen.
  • Quit photography for pro-rodeo and after being married my wife pushed me back into photography.
  • Started learning by trial and error…wrote down exposure settings, lens, ISO, etc. and later started recording the details to a recorder.
  • Self taught photographer…mentor is Moose Peterson, went to four or five seminars.
  • Spent 13 years in Alaska and travelled up to Sheet mountain for goats and sheep.
  • Other times I would go searching for bears along the river…follow the food and you will find the animals.
  • Usually a Canon 400/2.8 (17 pounds) with two Canon 1DS Mark 3 bodies and shooting in RAW..prefer prime lenses
  • Usually travelled alone because no one wants to get close to the bears.
  • One time I was photographing in Bird Creek  several bears catching the salmon…over the course of two months I was very close to the bears…at one point a bear brushed up next to me and just stared at me and then took off.  My wife was with me at this point and pointed the bear out after it was too late. 
  • Even with 400mm lens I get within 40-50 feet of the animals.  Most of the time I shoot at f2.8, in Alaska it is usually dark and I need to get as much light as possible and the quickest shutter speed.
  • Getting eagle shots takes a lot of practice.
    • I went to airports and took photos of planes taking off…the key is to take a photo while moving the camera…follow through and pan the camera with the plane.
    • As I improved I would focus in on the pilots face and eyes.  This allowed me to practice timing.
  • Photography App for Android and Apple , working with six other photographers…called Top Photo Spots.  It will be kind of like Yelp where it will show the top Photo Spots in America along with weather, sunrise / sunset, location, directions, EXIF data on how etc.  There will be a link posted shortly.  A group is also listed in Flickr under Top-Photo-Spots


A small sample of Buck’s work.  Be sure to check out his site for many more wonderful images, many of which you can purchase.

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Buck asked this guy to hang his feet over the cliff as he rested his camera on the guy’s shoulder and took the photo.  NO WAY I WOULD DO THIS!
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6-24-2012 10-46-23 PM
This is “Bully” after ONE swipe from another bear.



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Buck Shreck