Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie interview Adventure Sport Photographer Michael Clark about his Lightroom workflow.


Michael Clark Photography

Ways to Speed Up Lightroom

  • Fast Computer
  • Render Previews of 1:1 on Import
    • Types of previews
      • Thumbnail (Minimal Preview)
      • Standard (Screen Size)
      • 1:1 (Full size image – will take time to upload)
  • Connection Speed to where photos are, external drive to USB 2.0 is slower than USB 3.0 or SATA.  In order of preference:
    • Internal Drive
    • Thunderbolt – MAC Only
    • USB 3.0
    • eSATA
    • USB 2.0
    • Firewire
  • Increase RAM – Lightroom suggests 4GB, more is better

Wrote the ebook Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: A Professional Photographer’s Workflow.  Michael started in Lightroom when it was first being developed by Adobe to show off the capabilities of the program. 

Color Management – The monitor is the second most important item for a photographer after the camera.  Things to look for in a monitor:

  • A monitor that shows the entire color gamut of colors – AdobeRGB is approximately double the size of a sRGB monitor.  LaCie,NEC, Ezio monitors are the best., however, may cost several thousand
  • A good monitor will cost upwards of $600 for a 24” monitor

Calibrate monitor using Coloreyes Display Pro software

Edit photo in Photoshop colorspace:

  • sRGB – 1/6
  • Adobe – 1/2
  • ProPhoto – 96%


Michael Clark

  • Importing, 1:1 with as much Metadata as possible
  • Rate images with stars from beginning to end with a 1 star and then review photos with 1 star and upgrade to 2 stars and so forth to get the best photos – To find best photo you need to look at them for a while.
  • Move with best photos to Develop module
    • Right panel and start from the top down
    • Start with Basics Panel (50% of what you will do)
    • Start with overall exposure
    • Use Highlights, Shadows, Whites and Blacks to set the endpoint
    • End with White Balance
    • Histogram
      • Need to evaluate each photo for what is included
      • A photo of a Kayaker in the fog may not have pure black or white
    • Tone Curve Panel
    • Lens Corrections
    • Leave Sharpening alone
    • Clarity is an Unsharp Mask to make edges in frame a little sharper to “pop”

Common mistakes in Lightroom:

  • Going too far with adjustments
  • Not having a profiled monitor…you are working in a bubble

Why are Lightroom images been decreasing in size when I export them?  Especially if I crop it.

– Check File Settings an Image Size selected

– Depends on the background…a white background may not have a lot of data

– Cropped images will also result in reduced file size

– Check jpeg compression

What about your photo journey makes you MOST PROUD? 
The lifestyle I have been able to live…pretty adventurous with plenty of exotic places to visit.  Enabled me to live my dream.

Images we displayed during the podcast: