#230 – It’s a Black Hole

Mike's iStock issue, a fly inside a Canon lens and everything above ISO 1600 is the same? Plus new updates from Skylum and images of a Black Hole.

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Get out of Auto Mode!

  This blog post is for the thick-skinned.  No sugar-coating here.  Read only if you want a little aggressive push to get to the next level.  This article is not about whether shooting auto is good or bad, its just fine.  This is about how to move on to the next step in photography, shooting manual. Do you have a photographer that you envy, one you look at with great admiration?  Of course you do!  We are human and always see growth in the distance. Ever wonder when you will [...]

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Show #25–Shooting in Manual Mode

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie discussing taking photos in Manual Mode.  The host are later joined by a previous guest, Scott Greene (Show #22).  I almost named this show “I Smell a RAT”.  To find out why, watch the show!     NEWS: Nikon D4  - http://www.dpreview.com/articles/7799914638/nikon-d4-overview Adds the ability to add a network cable to stream video 16.2 MP ISO 204,800 Lightroom 4 Beta - http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/lightroom4/ Released to the public Mike is running the beta in a “Virtual Computer” Modules - Added a Google Map, works [...]

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Show #6–Exposure

Host Mike Howard is once again joined by Tim Kemperle for a “back to the basics” discussion about Exposure.   We will be posting a more complete post at a later date covering Exposure, but for now here are the basics discussed in the show.   Exposure is made up primarily of three components, from the camera’s perspective.  Those are: Aperture Shutter Speed ISO   Below is a small vide shown during the podcast to demonstrate the changing of the aperture ring on a lens.   Example of Aperture ring [...]

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