#228 – Details Enhanced?

New Nikon firmware adds compatibility for the new CFexpress cards for some models, Photography takes 50,000 photos of the moon to create 1 81MP image, Astronaut takes racetrack photos from space, Nvidia creates super realistic faces of fake people and Adobe adds a new Enhance Details to Lightroom.

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#224 – Nikon in Space

UPS doesn't deliver to space so getting your Nikon gear there isn't going to be cheap. Man sues Adobe over bug he claims deleted his work. Plus we discuss the recent changes over at flickr.

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#219 – Nikon Announces their Mirrorless Cameras

Nikon finally makes their mirrorless camera announcements with 2 cameras. Should you switch to mirrorless? Are the new cameras enough to keep you switching from Nikon to Sony? What about the $600 50mm f1.8 lens?

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#217 – What stage are you?

Tim and Mike discuss recent photography news. What stage photographer are you? Do we really need to replace our lens caps? Cleaning your sensor, or the glass in front of it and yes more news on the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera.

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#216 – Nikon Goes Mirrorless

Tim and Mike discuss recent photography news. Nikon official mirrorless announcement coming August 23rd and should you use filters on your lens to protect the glass?

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