Show #39–Rachel & Crystal–Pure Actions for Photographers

Host Mike Howard, Tim Kemperle and Kathleen Bowie are joined by the wonderful & talented ladies from Pure Actions for Photographers, Rachel & Crystal.   Rachel & Crystal discuss how they got into photography, how they work as a team and give us the details on the wildly popular Photoshop Actions. Rachel & Crystal How we started in photography. Rachel- First SLR in 2008.  Had pictures from JC Penny and such and had issues with taking pictures.  Took matters into own hands Crystal - 1st camera when she got take [...]

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Helpful tips to streamline your editing workflow and provide high quality images

So your home from a photo shoot and you are exhausted, but the job is not done. The editing magic needs to be applied!   This is where you can fix exposure and even make your subjects flawless, but it is a delicate process and a balance between adding the perfect touch without over processing. Editing images is a tricky business because as much as a photo needs your touch, it also needs to look like it wasn't over done. Balance is the key here and discretion is your goal. Remember [...]

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