The purpose of this document is to provide a list of places you can get the podcast.  The best way to make sure you get the podcast each week is to SUBSCRIBE.  Either through iTunes, a podcast program (I use Beyondpod on my phone – or subscribe on YouTube.

Watch the show live each Tuesday at 8:30PM Eastern –

Here are the main locations to get the show:

Our website –
iTunes – audio –
iTunes – video large –
iTunes – video small –
Stitcher Radio –
YouTube –

You can also just use the RRS feed if you like to use a RRS program:

Audio –
Video Large –
Video Small –

Podcast programs:

Android apps –
Apple apps –

Other links:

Facebook Page –
jpeg2RAW Forums –
jpeg2RAW Show Calendar –
jpeg2RAW e-mail address – [email protected]
flickr –
Pintrist –
Mike’s website
Mike’s blog –
Kathleen’s website –
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Kathleen’s Facebook Page –