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Mike Howard
Mike HowardHost - jpeg2RAW
Mike Howard is the host of the jpeg2RAW podcast and creator of jpeg2RAW Photography Podcast. Along with his wife and two boys, he lives in the Atlanta area where he works as the Controller & CIO for a large national company.

Mike’s entrance into photography really began 2000 with the purchase of his first digital camera, the Fuji FinePix 2400. While this camera was very limited in capability, the images he created made him thirsty for more. He next moved up to the Olympus 2100 UZ and loved that little camera. After a short disappointing time with the Olympus E-10, Mike moved over to Nikon with his first DSLR, the Nikon D100, then a D2h and a D2x. Mike now mainly shoots with his Nikon D700 and IR converted D2x.

Mike’s main subjects over the years has been related to his boys, either shooting their sports and giving images to the parents or taking photos while camping or on vacation. He even spent a few seasons as a hired sports shooter for a local photography company shooting over a thousand soccer games, mainly for the fun of shooting!

While he still does some sport shooting, most of his attention has turned to landscape including HDR and IR (infrared).

Tim Kemperle
Tim KemperleCo-Host - jpeg2RAW
Tim Kemperle was our guest on Show #4 and was hooked. Soon after that show, Tim joined jpeg2RAW as a co-host. Tim resides on Long Island in New York with his wife and son and works as a Risk Manager for a large international company.

Tim started with photography in the early 1990’s with his purchase of a Minolta Maxxum camera, the 7000i. While the camera had many functions available the majority of photos were taken in Program or Shutter priority. It wasn’t until the purchase of a DSLR (Minolta Maxxum 7D) that Tim started to learn how to properly take photos and understand the settings of the camera and how they related to the photograph. When Sony purchased the Minolta camera line Tim decided to stay with the brand because of the extensive lenses / flashes that would be compatible with the Sony line. Tim now shoots with a Sony Alpha A700 for the past several years and is considering the new Sony A77.

Tim’s focus on photography is related to his son’s soccer activities, family and vacation photography, mainly Walt Disney World. Tim continues to learn and shoots predominately in Manual Mode and RAW while editing in Lightroom.

A.D. Wheeler
A.D. WheelerCo-Host - jpeg2RAW Photo Review Show
The Explorographer is A.D. Wheeler and A.D. IS The Explorographer.

Okay, all joking aside, I am a New York based travel photographer specializing in landscape and a style I call “abandonscape” photography. I am the sole contributor here at where all the stories and photos are my own unless otherwise noted. I am also the creator and editor in chief at a new website called Travel Obscura. A website where a myriad of amazing photographers and travelers have gotten together to collaborate on an amazing Travel Photographers resource magazine. If you are a photographer and want to discover some cool places to shoot, techniques and equipment for doing so, I suggest you click the link and check it out.

To supplement my travels and the work I share here, I sell limited editions of my work on metal if you would like something for your wall let me know. I specialize in large format. Each piece is signed, numbered, certificated with a nifty embossed logo, and comes in special packaging. I also license my work for businesses, hotels, office buildings, you name it!

Past Hosts

Kathleen Bowie
Kathleen BowieCo-Host - jpeg2RAW
Kathleen Bowie made her first appearance on jpeg2RAW with Show #15. She was such a great guest, that we asked her to join as a co-host. Thankfully, after a little begging, she agreed. Smile

Kathleen’s Bio:

I have been a professional photographer since 2002. I began my professional photography journey photographing weddings and loved it. I photographed families and children as well, but it certainly was not my thing! When a client would call and ask for me to photograph their newborn, the thought terrified me and I would send them to another photographer. Then I had my own children. Something clicked and I could not get enough of photographing these amazing little beings! The thought of posing a new baby no longer frightened me, in fact, I could not wait to get my hands on them. I began accepting newborn clients and I have never looked back! I no longer was attracted to the wedding scene because it took me away from my boys for long hours. I could never count all the ways that those babies have changed me!

Now my business is specialized toward families….especially those babies! AND SENIORS! I love senior photography too. I am located in Suwanee Georgia.

I do have a background in radio and I am so thankful to the Jpeg 2 Raw show for getting me back to those roots! Fun times are ahead!